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02 Jul

Magna LED Lighting Upgrade to Spoiler Cell Area

The existing poor lighting to the spoiler assembly area was removed and replaced with new energy efficient LED light fittings. The lighting will give a substantial increase in lighting lux levels, there will be less costs for maintenance and a decrease in energy consumption.

02 Jul

Electrical Trace Heating Moss Lane, Knowsley Industrial Park

Electrical Trace Heating & Insulation Package, to the Hammermill & Flaker Lines. Installation of electrical trace heating to the flaker, Hammermill, Fuel Tank and Board Breaker Areas.

01 Jun

SIMS Metal Management Ltd Ellesmere Port Lead Recovery from Glass

SIMS Metal Management Limited has built a commercial trial plant to recover lead from funnel glass of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT). The Site is owned by the client and the plant is to operate as a separate chemical processing unit to the existing metal recycling facility.

12 Aug

Knowsley Village

The project was to improve the thermal properties of 26 bungalows in Homer Road, Wiltons Drive and Frederick Lunt Avenue. The project is part of the Knowsley Housing Trust £11.3 million investment in an improvement programme to both maintain and upgrade the homes and facilities for their tenants.

29 May

Bridgend Re-Roofing

The project was to re-roof the main production buildings consisting of 3000m2. Lyjon cladding was invited to work on the SCA Bridgend roofing project by MIKROS. The work had to be done while the plant stayed in full production.

29 May

Mexichem – Runcorn

After 40 years of operation, Mexichem Fluor’s A22 Plant ceased production and was ring-fenced for demolition in December 2009. Work took place to enable demolition, including decontamination, decoupling and stripping of the plant. Lyjon have been involved since conception for de-commissioning strip out of all E/I systems

29 May

NuStar Tank 204

Lyjon Group have been working on the NuStar plant for over 25 years. Tank 33 is our latest project. Over time the cladding and insulation becomes less effective and needs replacing. Relaging storage tanks and associated pipework is one of our main activities at NuStar.

29 May

United Molasses Storage Pipe Lagging

The company has evolved from United Molasses historic trading and shipping business and is committed to the provision of high quality bulk liquid storage for a variety of other sectors from petroleum products and chemicals to oils and fats.

08 Apr

Georgia Pacific PP3 Building

Lyjon have been working with Georgia Pacific engineers for some time looking after other paper manufacturing facilities in the North of England. The work considered of scaffolding, removal and replacement of sheeting purlins and cladding, painting, and rainwater harvesting.

10 Dec

Blackburn Water Treatment Plant

United Utilities wanted to save energy and improve safety on their water treatment parking areas. Lyjon Electrical has a framework contract with United Utilities and was asked to improve the lighting on four sites.

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