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01 Jun

SIMS Metal Management Ltd Ellesmere Port Lead Recovery from Glass

SIMS Metal Management Limited has built a commercial trial plant to recover lead from funnel glass of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT). The Site is owned by the client and the plant is to operate as a separate chemical processing unit to the existing metal recycling facility.

12 Aug

Knowsley Village

The project was to improve the thermal properties of 26 bungalows in Homer Road, Wiltons Drive and Frederick Lunt Avenue. The project is part of the Knowsley Housing Trust £11.3 million investment in an improvement programme to both maintain and upgrade the homes and facilities for their tenants.

18 Oct

Tate & Lyle Modular Building Installation

Lyjon were employed as a preferred term contactor at Tate & Lyle’s major commercial operating plant. The focus of this particular contract was the groundwork’s and preparation of an area of the plant for the installation of a modular building thereafter. The purpose of the modular building was to serve as a site office for use by the administration staff team.

18 Oct

Longview School

This contract at Longview School on behalf of client 2020 Knowsley Limited entailed the removal and replacement of the existing roof coverings on the southern and western school roofs. The contract encompassed two sets of works packages, one for the replacement of the roofs and a second for the removal and installation of new windows to the classrooms.

15 Oct

Bedford Court – Rock Ferry

The project was a full refurbishment and conversion from studio apartments to forty four, one bedroom accommodation. Each phase involved between ten and twelve conversions while all other accommodation was in use.

15 Oct

20 Warrenhouse Road

20 Warrenhouse Road is a end terrestrial house that was badly fire damaged and unoccupied for over 15 years. The project was to refurbish the property and to incorporate the latest technologies to enable it to be energy self sufficient.

16 Aug

Deyes High School

The enabling works involved the demolition of the existing school swimming pool which was attached to the school hall building. This specifically involved removal of the hall wall, breaking into the school hall gable end and temporarily partitioning the gap for weather protection.

30 Jul

Vicarage Place – Prescott

The project was to re-roof, re-point and replace all the sash windows, upgrading the incoming electrical supplies, new emergency lighting to the communal areas and some minor mechanical works including making good to all work disturbed with the tenants in residence throughout the works.

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