12 Aug

Knowsley Village







Year:              2014                                                          

Duration:      29 weeks

Value:            £700,000



The government wants to achieve an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. While it hasn’t laid out exactly how it wants to achieve these savings, it’s likely that housing – which accounts for 27% of CO2 emissions – will be expected to make up for the shortfalls of other sectors by achieving higher levels.

Knowsley Housing Trust has decided to act now and prepare for any future green targets by improving the energy efficiency of it’s housing stock to it’s highest levels yet.

Despite already achieving reasonable levels of carbon reduction, the housing association knew it could do more. Not only did it want to prepare for any future targets the government may set, but it also wanted to help tenants reduce their energy bills without compromising the comfort of their homes.


The project was to improve the thermal properties of 26 bungalows in Homer Road, Wiltons Drive and Frederick Lunt Avenue. The project is part of the Knowsley Housing Trust  £11.3 million investment in an improvement programme to both maintain and upgrade the homes and facilities for their tenants.

Major works, which will be conducted as part of the programme, include the use of over £1 million to refurbish tenants’ kitchens and bathrooms, along with a cash injection of over £700,000 into adapting facilities for disabled use. Amongst many other scheduled works, KHT also plans to revamp communal areas, install CCTV, provide greater insulation and improve the current heating systems at many properties.

Ian Thomson, Executive Director at KHT, said: “This schedule of investment and improvement activity demonstrates our commitment to investing in the local community and the homes of KHT tenants in Merseyside, enabling us to make Knowsley a truly great place to live.

The investment and improvement programme will be conducted throughout 2014 and into 2015.

Work Package

The work packaging included re-roofing all properties and giving them a wrap around. This involved improved insulation to the roofs and wall giving the dwellings greater thermal insulation properties saving long term energy and cost savings.

The external insulated walls went to the foundations and included a complete wrap around of foil, wall battens, insulated carrier boards finished with render

When the properties where tested for thermal performance the reading was 3.2 giving an excellent standard.

The design team for the project was Brian Young & Associates. The Lyjon team worked closely with the designers to ensure the work was executed to the fine detail of the specification giving maximum results.

Social Responsibility

Vulnerable people occupied the properties and stayed in the properties while the work was being carried out.

Lyjon have carried out many project of a similar nature and have fully trained continuity liaison offices who ensure the needs of the occupants are addressed and all work related information is communicated to the right people at the right time. Lyjon excels in this area of care while project work progresses.

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