29 May

Bridgend Re-Roofing





Year:              2013                                                          

Duration:      26 weeks

Value:            £500,000



The project was to re-roof the main production buildings consisting of 3000m2.Bridgend

EPI cladding was invited to work on the SCA Bridgend roofing project by MIKROS. The work had to be done while the plant stayed in full production.

EPI worked closely with the engineers and MIKROS to come up with a solution. The solution was to use the existing crane rails and then build a crash deck on top of this to allow the work to be executed above the crash deck. The crash deck was approximately 600mm below the main roofing level allowing access to the concrete rafter. The crash deck has made the work proceed faster and safer.

Another part of the work was to reinforce the building by adding additional restraining members between the concrete rafters. This was done by fabricating two 150 x 6mm tubes, bolding the ends to the rafters and joining them in the middle using a plate joint.

EPI was able to carry out this element of the work very economically due to having its own fabrication workshops back at head office.

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