10 Dec

Blackburn Water Treatment Plant



Year:              2012                                                          

Duration:      1 week

Value:            £5,000


Project Introduction

United Utilities wanted to save energy and improve safety on their water treatment parking areas. Lyjon Electrical has a framework contract with United Utilities and was asked to improve the lighting on four sites.

Sustainable Development

United Utilities are making their workplaces more energy efficient and talking to their customers and employees about water and energy use relating to carbon emissions. They are investing in renewable energy generation from their waste water treatment works using gas from their process in combined heat and power (CHP) engines. This helps to reduce harmful emissions and stem climate change. They are also making sure that they protect their business from the impact of climate change to make sure they can continue to provide a service to their customers for many years to come.

Replace LED lighting to parking areas is one of many projects United Utilities are executing to deliver their sustainability objectives.

Lyjon Electrical are Renewable energy experts in LED and Energy control. The United Utilities LED lighting project saves 400% in energy as the new light are 100 watts compared to the old ones that were 400 watts.

Social Responsibility

Lyjon is developing a long term working relationship from winning and being part of UU’s framework contracts.

The project improved the lux levels is in excess of 300%. This has given the areas an improved safety risk level from trips and falls.

The construction phase promoted local economic benefit through direct employment, skill generation, the use of regional materials and through indirect economic impacts. An Environmental Management Plan was implemented to minimise environmental impacts, which included, energy consumption, waste management, recycling and transportation.

Individuals within Lyjon that have an interest in sustainability are involved as Sustainability Champions to promote the integration of sustainability into the project.

Lyjon has sought to raise the public profile of the sustainability aspects of the project by creating a case study and promoting it through social media.

Economic Responsibility

The project will reduce the energy consumption to 25% reducing the cost of energy proportionately.

Environmental Responsibility

The reduced energy also reduces the carbon footprint helping us to save the planet in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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